Darwood Martin

Full Stack Web Developer with experience in diagnosing complex systems. Experience working with and managing small teams, documentation, and managing workflow. Comfortable with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Node, AJAX, JSON, Jquery, Handlebars, SQL databases and database ORMs. Familiar with Content Management Systems including Wordpress. Willing and excited to learn more.

A little bit about me

About Me

I'm a lifelong learner, a lover of motorcycles, travel, and reading. I try to mix the 3 together by taking roadtrips on my electric motorcycle and reading or coding while I'm stopped and waiting for it to charge. If that kind of thing intrests you, check out my blog evmotoblog.com. There's also a decent amout on my instagram account @badmotoscootin. I tuly enjoy web development and other coding work. Seeing something in your head and bringing it to fruition is an activity that few things can top. I look forward to a long career in this industry, full of new learning, new experiments, and new creation.


Education & Experience.

University of Arizona, Tucson Az     October 2017 - Present
UA Coding Bootcamp - Javascript Full Stack Web Development

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Az     October 2017 - Present
B.S. Computer Information Technology

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ddmartin3 @ Github

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